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Online Return Man 3 is an online game created by Michael Mateas, Andrew Stern and John Griev which falls under the “interactive story” category of the gaming world. The drama follows the lives and decisions of a married couple and an unfortunate evening fraught with drama and tension. Told through first person perspective, the game is narrated through the course of its one act story line. The background behind the games creation has to do with a research project meant to explore and enhance the concept of an electronic, interactive narrative based on Artificial Intelligence, and has won several awards and recognition for its achievements.

During the actual time of game play, you take on the character of a close friend to the married couple whose names are Grace and Trip. They have invited you over to their apartment for friendly social evening to catch up since the years of college have passed. As the dramatic twists begin to unfold, you watch and participate in the story by the actions you choose to do and the words you choose to say to each character.

Game Controls

With basic controls on your keyboard and with your mouse, you are able to move around Grace and Trip’s apartment, inspect and handle objects, and interact with Grace and Trip themselves and play Impossible Game .

When interacting with either Grace and Trip, you are able to type in anything you wish to say and pair with expressions you wish to emote to them. Usually the response will take a few moments to relay, but whoever you are talking to will respond fairly accurately to whatever statement that they have just received from you.

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There is a lot of freedom in this 2048 Cupcakes game since it allows you to make up what you say and do along the way. Also, most of the events which occur seem to come at random since it is based on the dynamics of a fairly normal dinner party. Fairly normal, that is, until things turn sour and the ugly truth surfaces above the facades that everyone had been wearing.

As the conversation takes a turn for the worst and Grace and Trip’s troubles as a couple begin to show, you are able to participate and either convince the couple to stay together and work through their problems, or drive them apart.

Note that if you are especially rude, you may cause one of the characters to remove you from their apartment by force. To play Duck Life 4 game, download it for free according to your system type.

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